Tips to Keep Smooth, Glowing Skin in Cold Winter Months

I’ll start by saying this is a promotional post. But not because I am being paid for the use of any products.

I am an almost middle aged woman with two children and nearly blemish free skin. As much as I want to claim familial genetic code, I must give some credit to the use of a few products and choosy eating habits when it comes to giving tips to keep smooth, glowing skin in cold winter months.

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Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Once the weather dips consistently to cooler temperatures, if you are like me and want keep your skin from chapping, it is time to switch up the skincare and diet regimen.

The first and most important tip is to balance your water intake. It is much easier to consume water in the summer to keep cool, but I find that drinking room temperature water in the winter keeps your body and skin hydrated just as well, if not more. The cool winter air sucks the moisture from skin and lips before you can even think of going from the door to the car!

Next, to moisturize skin and hydrate lips, I’ve found a few of grandma’s solutions work well when balanced with products of today. I swear by a drop of castor oil on my lips and finger tips on the way to bed. Straight out of the shower I reach for a whipped shea or cocoa butter and smooth all over. When I want to add a hint of scent, I opt for a natural body butter or oil from Jones and Rose.

For the face, I’ve found a cleansing balm by Beauticounter and Vitamin C Super Serum with Ageless Moisturizer by Apple Rose Beauty.

When in the kitchen, I’ve learned to mask butternut squash with carrots in a sweet souffle so the kids will get the benefit of that lovely immune building fall “fruit”, while I enjoy the bone building potassium, fiber and vitamin B6. Same for baked sweet potato wedges. The leafy greens become a little harder since they are out of season, but I love kale when I can get it.

So where can you find these skin loving essentials? Outside of the grocery store or farmer’s market for the butternut squash, water and kale, a few of my good friends offer the skin products:

I also found a great castor oil by FoxBrim on Amazon with a suite of other essential oils.

Best wishes on your winter skin care essential journey!

Let me know your favorites…