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I just finished reading a quick synopsis of a report/study done by Neilsen on the power of moms online.  It is of no surprise to me that many of us hardworking mothers have the time to engage with each other across the web.  From sharing stories of daycare and doctor visit experiences, to exchanging recipes and favorite online shopping spots or coupons, and even promoting our businesses – there is a great bond that we share with millions of others.  Can you think of a better way to express yourself to someone who understands you?

Though not surprising, the numbers in the brief report (found here) are definitely eye-opening.  The report is a great enforcer of the power in numbers, and an interesting depiction of the segmentation of moms.  Yielding an incredible center of influence, Power Moms, aged 25-54, make up over 19% of the active online population.

With this information of course comes more targeted ‘mom’ marketing from a number a streams.  But with our track record of experience…I am sure we can handle it.  Take a look at the report, I am going to read more and post later – but tell me what you think…

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Working Moms or Not: Is Your Child “the Best Thing You’ve Ever Done”? | BlogHer

A friend and I were having a conversation sharing our thoughts on ‘mommy talk’ recently.  Not long after, I came across this blog post by Rita Arens ‘Working Moms or Not…’ that I thought to be very interesting.  She speaks to those who talk incessantly about their children at work. I encourage you to read her article.

I agree parenting is a job and can be a great accomplishment. Parenting is a badge of honor I wear proudly across my heart, not emblazioned on every item I wear.  I am honored to have blessings, and can only hope they learn a little something from me in this process.

Be proud of your path of parenting, and let your child(ren) take the glory for the person they become.

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