How You Can Create and Stick to that One Big Stretch Goal

Have you ever had a number of ideas for business opportunities swirling through your head and not know how to pull one down and focus on it?

What have you envisioned as a dream job or career move yet unsure which way to move toward making a change?

The first step in setting a goal is to get real with yourself. For some, self check is so easy we don’t need an internet article to help us focus. The rest of us, need all the little nudges we can bear.

What do you want to do?

I know, you want to finance a better future for you and your family. You want to pursue your passion and help others. You would love to sell that thing your friends always ask your for. Sounds great. But you’re going to have to be more specific. The premise of a goal is the result. That’s right…a result.  So, let’s try answering this way:

If I had a choice of only one income producing activity that I could wake up and do tomorrow?

What would that answer be? The question requires a more direct answer. You can take it further and assign a time limit, an income requirement, a level of training or additional education needed to obtain that one income producing activity.

Athletic Man Jumping Between Rocks -

Easy enough? A goal can be anything you can imagine as long as there is a result. The key in how you can create and stick to that one stretch goal is to have the result in mind.

Let’s pretend the income producing activity you’ve selected is to become a Life Coach. Now you know what you are aiming for. Then you can chart the steps you need to reach there –  research, training, certification, networking, business development, branding – and how much time you need to commit to each step. This way you have achievements to check off along the way and your one big stretch goal becomes a little less daunting.



Happy New Year Moms!

new year - same momHappy New Year!

We are all very excited about our new ideas and goals being created to have our “best year yet”. Something about the new calendar year and a fresh start. The euphoria of a ‘no-compromise’ mindset that follows a few ‘must achieve’ goals is indeed enlightening.

Own the moment, make small steps towards your goal every day, and celebrate your achievements along the way. Most importantly remember the new year may be a fresh start for the calendar, but you can begin fresh any day.

I am excited for you! We are all excited for you!


Yes You Can!

I’m a big fan of positive encouragement.  We all need a boost at some point in time.  Why not receive from one of your peers.

The key to receiving a lift and a bit of motivation is to openly accept it and act upon it.  Don’t say what you can’t do until you TRY!

We teach our kids to be successful, and we should take our own advice.

What’s on the horizon for you this year when it comes to work? Let us know here, then check out the following article…

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My Job as a SuperWoman

By day, I am managing social media for myself, my client, and a member association.  I write content for the web, and manage content management systems; ever so often I blog for myself.  I read articles and look for case studies that can help me prepare plans and stay abreast of changing trends.  I write press releases, teach workshops in financial education, update databases, prepare email campaigns, research and write grants, track donations, track metrics and prepare reports, write concepts, plan events, and offer advice.

At night, when I am not mashing up recipes to create meals that appeal to me and my family, I am helping with homework, preparing the kids for bed, cleaning, checking emails, facebook-ing and moonlighting as a freelancer.

I have dreams of being a dancer, but I have no rhythm.  I have dreams of being a dressmaker, but haven’t quite learned to sew. I have dreams of being a restaurateur, but not sure I have the patience for an on-demand kitchen. I love to express myself creatively, but haven’t written in a while.  I love to entertain, so I should probably have a dinner party soon.

There are so many things I do and many I haven’t done…but there is one thing I accept with pride, and that is my job as a superwoman 🙂

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