Decision Making in the New Year

This may be more of a random musing. Visiting my grandmother and family over the holidays has me reminiscent. Plus its the first of the year, and everyone’s gushing over #goals and habits to “let go”, I began to think about how I was schooled on decision making.

I used to loathe hearing lectures from my grandmotheChoicer when we did something wrong. She didn’t reach for the paddle. She gave lessons. She always started by saying, “Choices.  No one can make you do anything. You are in control of your emotions, and it begins with how you choose to react.” And she always pointed her finger up, never in your face.

As much as I couldn’t stand sitting to hear it, her mantra lives in me today.

Her words I now share with my children. If my daughter bursts into angry tears when she can’t find a toy, I ask her to stop, take a deep breath, and sit still a minute to think about where it could have been last. The lesson there that tears block your eyes from being able to see where the toy could be. When she stops to use her mind muscle, it’s strength can help her find it.

Once we understand that making a sound decision begins with the emotion, our follow on will have more definitive resolve. We help ourselves and our family reduce a bit of the stress we cause ourselves.

How does this relate to decision making in the new year? More ways than I will count.

It is so easy to resolve to exercise, eat better, make self care a priority, etc, etc. I am going to make an intentional play to wake up each day deciding to take ownership of my emotions and choose to do one thing each day to make me and my family better.

Happy New Year!

I Drive a Swagger Wagon

Ironically I just posted about not being the traditional mommy blogger. Not long after, I ran across this video by Toyota promoting the swagger wagon. I love it!!  Perhaps that’s because I am a mini van driver.  Funny thing, my typical response to people who drop their chins when they see me roll up is “I bet am the hottest minivan driver you know”.  Now thanks to Toyota, I can’t say that anymore. Guess I will just have to sing their weird but catchy song!

– wish Honda would have come out with it first though….I chose the Odyssey over the Sienna back in ’06.

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A mom and a blog

I am a mother who has ideas and likes to write, sometimes.  I have to move when the spirit hits me, and honestly sometimes that isn’t quite as often as I would have hoped.  I also wish I could dance…but that’s another story.  So, because I like to write, and because I started this blog, then you could say I am a mother who blogs.  I don’t believe however that I am a mommy blogger.

Why?  Well, because I don’t talk about mommy things, or my kids very often in this space.  I love them dearly, and enjoy watching them grow up and take on personalities and pick up traits from me and daddy, but I don’t blog about them, or mommyness, or cutesy gadgets.  And in no way do I want to disrespect  mommy bloggers. I simply write about another topic that expresses my interest. One day I hope to write about my interest in marketing with as much zeal as a mommy blogger…but, until then, I guess I will just be a mom who blogs~ about ideas and marketing. 🙂

REVIEW: The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog
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The newest release from Disney, ‘The Princess and the Frog’, has apparently been a highly anticipated and hotly contested event. Forgive me for not getting bogged down in the debates and discussions surrounding the historical nature and controversial depiction of the characters for this film. Am I wrong for just wanting to enjoy a good family movie?

In my opinion, cartoon movies are classic ways to bring families together. A family may not sit down and eat dinner together, but a good old Disney cartoon, or any other family cartoon movie brings out the togetherness….and the popcorn!

At any rate, while looking online for other mothers who blog…I came across The Integrated Mother, who subsequently led me to an article at Both articles touched on the undertones of this new Disney movie.  While I agree that this is quite an occasion to make note of, I wouldn’t go so far as to demoralize the advancement with banter about frogs and cities. With that in mind…I am going to move forward to my thoughts on the movie.

Overall I thought the Princess and the Frog was fun and engaging.  The colors, the characters and the songs kept my little one engaged…as well as a number of her friends (we went on a toddler play-date).  I enjoyed the details in the story-line and I walked away with quite a few key messages:

1. The value of commitment

2. The value of relationships

3. Faith and believing

4. Hardwork and determination

5. Sensitivity to others (acceptance)

In life we encounter many things…trials & tribulations, along with joyous occasions.  We feel that success comes without compromise and though sometimes we want to take the easy way or the quickest route, we know that hard work and perseverance  truly helps us to achieve our goals and accompanying success.

I applaud Disney for demonstrating all those things in a single movie about an African-American girl who spends half the movie as a frog.  After all…success doesn’t have a face, and it looks different to different people.  What matters most is how you get there.  And that’s the message I want my kids to receive.

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