My Job as a SuperWoman

By day, I am managing social media for myself, my client, and a member association.  I write content for the web, and manage content management systems; ever so often I blog for myself.  I read articles and look for case studies that can help me prepare plans and stay abreast of changing trends.  I write press releases, teach workshops in financial education, update databases, prepare email campaigns, research and write grants, track donations, track metrics and prepare reports, write concepts, plan events, and offer advice.

At night, when I am not mashing up recipes to create meals that appeal to me and my family, I am helping with homework, preparing the kids for bed, cleaning, checking emails, facebook-ing and moonlighting as a freelancer.

I have dreams of being a dancer, but I have no rhythm.  I have dreams of being a dressmaker, but haven’t quite learned to sew. I have dreams of being a restaurateur, but not sure I have the patience for an on-demand kitchen. I love to express myself creatively, but haven’t written in a while.  I love to entertain, so I should probably have a dinner party soon.

There are so many things I do and many I haven’t done…but there is one thing I accept with pride, and that is my job as a superwoman 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My Job as a SuperWoman

    1. nishland says:

      Thanks Justice Fergie!! You’re right…I forgot to throw in the title “nurse practitioner”! Mom’s are multi-faceted!

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