Chicken Stroganoff

Most times planning a meal in advance is hard for me, particularly because I am very picky and have to be in the mood for certain things.  Well, one day while perusing a magazine in the doctor’s office, I stumbled across a recipe for Chicken Stroganoff. Unfortunately, just as my brain instructed my hand to reach for a pen, the doctor called me back to the room.  Nonetheless, I came home with a basic idea, and a desire to create this meal.  I have no formal recipes, but here goes…

preparing to create Chicken Stroganoff

3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1/2 medium white onion sliced

1 clove garlic smash-sliced

a splash of olive oil

salt, pepper, paprika – to taste

1 can cream of mushroom soup

2-3 large spoonfuls of sour cream

half bag of egg noodles cooked


I began by rinsing and slicing the chicken breasts in half (helps them cook faster).  Sprinkled with salt, pepper, paprika + rosemary and a tinge of cumin (only if you have it).  I let that sit for a minute while I prepped the other items.

Start boiling the water for the noodles, and heat olive oil in a separate pan for the chicken (medium heat).  Once the oil was heated, I placed the onions, then garlic in the pan to cook for a couple of minutes, then placed the chicken on top of the onions.

After about 5-7 minutes, the noodles should be ready for the water and the chicken ready to flip. Another 7 minutes later, the noodles and chicken should be ready. Drain the noodles and remove chicken and onions from the pan.

Pour mushroom soup in pan, stir. Add sour cream and splash of milk. Stir.  Add pepper and paprika (to taste).  Heat thoroughly (even to a small boil or simmer).

Dress your plate with your vegetable of choice, noodles, then chicken atop the noodles and spoon sauce over both.


p.s. I warmed a can of green peas as my veggie…and sprinkled fresh cut portabello mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes in the sauce just before serving for extra flavor

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