REVIEW: The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog
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The newest release from Disney, ‘The Princess and the Frog’, has apparently been a highly anticipated and hotly contested event. Forgive me for not getting bogged down in the debates and discussions surrounding the historical nature and controversial depiction of the characters for this film. Am I wrong for just wanting to enjoy a good family movie?

In my opinion, cartoon movies are classic ways to bring families together. A family may not sit down and eat dinner together, but a good old Disney cartoon, or any other family cartoon movie brings out the togetherness….and the popcorn!

At any rate, while looking online for other mothers who blog…I came across The Integrated Mother, who subsequently led me to an article at Both articles touched on the undertones of this new Disney movie.  While I agree that this is quite an occasion to make note of, I wouldn’t go so far as to demoralize the advancement with banter about frogs and cities. With that in mind…I am going to move forward to my thoughts on the movie.

Overall I thought the Princess and the Frog was fun and engaging.  The colors, the characters and the songs kept my little one engaged…as well as a number of her friends (we went on a toddler play-date).  I enjoyed the details in the story-line and I walked away with quite a few key messages:

1. The value of commitment

2. The value of relationships

3. Faith and believing

4. Hardwork and determination

5. Sensitivity to others (acceptance)

In life we encounter many things…trials & tribulations, along with joyous occasions.  We feel that success comes without compromise and though sometimes we want to take the easy way or the quickest route, we know that hard work and perseverance  truly helps us to achieve our goals and accompanying success.

I applaud Disney for demonstrating all those things in a single movie about an African-American girl who spends half the movie as a frog.  After all…success doesn’t have a face, and it looks different to different people.  What matters most is how you get there.  And that’s the message I want my kids to receive.

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