Lesson in Customer Service #2

Rapid Response.

Being prepared with a quick and courteous response to your customer or client can win a lot of hearts and smiles.  Every customer/client likes to know they are valued. Once upon a time we interpreted a customer’s response and repeat visit as satisfaction with our service.  As people’s tastes and wants have grown over the years; so have the business owner’s methods to capture, better understand and attempt to meet their customer’s desires.

The basic premise…rapid response.

In the 21st century, we want to know, and we want to know now!

Even the President adapted to our new culture need to “be the first and always in the know” by utilizing an expansive customer relationship management (CRM) model during his campaign.  Many have blogged about the success of his campaign and method of delivery.  See one of the posts about the President’s CRM here. The author, Ericka Morphy wrote about Obama being on the cutting edge during his campaign, and even now in office.  So far, people seem to be happy with the new design of the official White House blog and open access to information.  The ‘game’ has changed.

Now what are you and your organization doing to be more transparent and open to your customer/clients? Are they aware they have access to you?  Can they count on hearing from one of your quick and courteous representatives in their time of need?

Rapid response. It’s not a new trend…it’s been here all the time.

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