A Lesson in Customer Service

Service is as service does.

Being the only service provider in an area does not give a company freedom to slack on customer service. Sure competition requires the company to be on their best to win a customer’s loyalty, but being the only game in town means that you can still practice

No Cell Phones at Leland Inn Liquor
Image by John Kannenberg via Flickr

a little service hospitality to keep the customers happy and so employees, particularly front line employees don’t have to deal with irate customers and varying attitudes.

When providing a service to clients, whether internal or external, there are certain rules that should not be broken. Customer service representatives typically are the first impression of a company, therefore should not:

  • chew gum while talking to a client
  • talk, attempt to talk, or even access their cell phone while client facing
  • have conversations with their colleagues while serving clients
  • speak negatively about a client/customer to another client/customer
  • fail to address the customer in some manner

Service is as service does.

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